I seemed to have spent the weekend either buying stuff
or reading websites.

Bought a bunch of cookware and what not Saturday. I
don’t really need it, but what the heck. I’ll use
it at some point.

Read up on javascript/dhtml and related areas to
see if a vague idea I had was possible. Looks like

Experimented with the idea of creating sample
sets of my own playing. Some mild success, but
it seems to be a lot of work. Is there a good
tool for creating samples for os-x? I ended up
using Audacity and Kompakt, and eventually
AudioFinder (which seems quite handy)

Headed over to badger‘s place Sunday.
Just brought over a guitar, and the mostly normal
rig. Played alot of very dreary and depressing
sounding bits. Badger was using the upright bass,
and I was using a lot of string patches which tended
to contribute to the despair. Overall, sounded quite

Phrase of the day “As known to those skilled in the art.”