I should of mentioned this earlier, but alas…

A bunch of friends of mine from Winston-Salem, NC went
on a tour across the country in a vegetable fuel powered
bus last summer playing rock shows as they went. And someone
filmed it.

Tonight, in Winston-Salem, is a screening.

Screening of “INVISIBLE STATES” Documentary (free) this thursday
Message: Exclusive Preview Screening!

A feature documentary by Frank Eaton

Thursday February 10, 2005 at 7:00pm
Carswell Hall 111 on the Campus of Wake
Forest University

The filmmaker cordially invites you to the only
pre-festival screening of his new film,
Invisible States, for feedback and discussion.
The film will screen at 7:00pm, followed by a
Q and A session with the director.
Refreshments will be provided by the
sponsors of this screening, the Film and
Communication Departments of Wake
Forest University.

Documenting the quirky and contentious
trajectory of the Werehouse Collectives 2003
grease bus tour of the United
States, Invisible States is an almost
impossibly intimate portrait of young artists
and the collective urge. If youve ever wanted
to buy a big house and fill it with all of your
favorite people, this film is both inspiration
and cautionary tale. Whatever your
lifestyle, Invisible States is a revelation for
our lifestyle obsessed culture.

Who killed the commune? (The communists.)

Using a two-month country wide road trip in a
grease burning coach bus to frame the
action, the documentary examines the inner
workings of a 14 person arts collective from
Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Concepts of
leadership, responsibility, work, inspiration
and individuality are vented as is the primary
difficulty: America has sprawled to the burbs,
signed a thirty year mortgage and sat down
in front of a PC with high speed internet
access Can we still live TOGETHER?

The greatest migratory experiment since Kon-

Can you circumnavigate the United States of
America, more than 10,000 miles, on nothing
but used fryer grease? More importantly, can
these particular people do it? Invisible States
envisions a post-petrol America of wandering
tribes, where filling up on deisel fuel just isnt
an option. Finding and filling up on used
vegetable oil when and where they can, our
subjects find that the green ideal is easier
dreamed than done.

Anything worth doing is worth arguing about
doing differently.

The frustration boils over rather colorfully at
times in this film. Be aware that the language
is simply attrocious.

Please join the filmmakers and cast on
February 10 at 7:00 pm. Carswell Hall 111 on
the Campus of Wake Forest University.