Seem to have gotten a backup done finally. Took
a while.

mv 30gigs to big single partion on new
drive. Have finder hang a few times.
Resort to rsync.

Notice that I need to split it into two
partions, one bootable snapshot, one archive.

mv 30gigs back to internal harddrive.
Have finder hang again, revert to
rsync again.

partion drive into two junks.

mv 30gigs back to second partion.

ccc the main drive to the first

Only took about 6 hours. Writing
to the external firewire drive seems
faster than writing to internal drive.

I bought a firewire drive for the mac. I’m looking
for suggestions on backup software/strategies/etc
for os x.

I’d like to be able to create a snapshot of
the install. Bootable even better.

I can figure out data archiving myself, but
snapshoting I haven’t a clue whats needed.

I have about 30gigs of data (audio stuff)
to archive, and the rest to snapshot.

I made a little bit more progress on the troubleshooting doc. Started thinking
about how to do the markup. I suppose it should be docbook. Or
some fancy xhtml or whatever it is the cool kids are using these

Also vaguely thinking about setting up a new personal website.
I’ve got, so might as well. Probably some sort
of blog site I suppose. Probably just swallow the content
out of lj if I can. But that requires picking the right
blog software, tracking down all the useful extensions, and
*gasp* actually designing a web site. And being lazy
and all, that sounds like a lot of work.

The troubleshooting doc is up to about 7000 words. I’m
roughly about 65% though the outline, with a few
big FIXME sections (iptables? thats a network thing
right?), and only a few scattered examples.

With the outline flushed out, good examples, and the
app stuff, this could easily hit 12,000 words.
thats about ten times bigger than i was aiming

On a whim fixed a few bugzuki bugs. Made
the query mode a little smarter, also made
the “show” mode a little easier to read.
Still have some unfinished plans on how
to make it more modular and dynamic. Maybe
I’ll work on it again in another 6 months.

Troubleshooting and Debugging “stuff” on linux.

So, today, I decided to write a doc on how to troubleshoot
and debug on a linux system. What I’m going for is a
cross between my old System Tuning
page and Max os x Debugging Magic.

Aka, what tools, tips, tactics, process, utils, approaches, etc people
can use to debug “stuff”. Where “stuff” is basically defined as “software
that is not doing what it should be doing”.

It’s theoretically focused on Red Hat Linux, but so far, it’s
mostly generic to any linux system,

So, I ask you, what are your debugging/troubleshooting secrets?

The outline of what I have so far

nightlight show report

Phasmatodea played at
the Nightlight saturday night. Seemed to go well overall, even
though I had to leave not long after our set to make it
over to Kings.

The two other folks on the bill were harsh noise bands, so
we decided to up the volume and noise of our performance
a bit. So we ended up playing much louder than we have
ever before.

These became clear when badger’s amp overheated and
the thermal shutoff kicked in about three minutes
in. Adjustment of levels and signal seemed to help
a bit, but it did shut off once more. Should of
probably plugged into the house PA.

Seemed to get a good response, though the crowd
was a bit small. That wasnt really unexpected though
considering everything else that was going on that
night. Got some positive feedback, so that was nice.

Great Cover Up, pt 2.

Kings was packed. Saw a ton of folks I know. Including some
current and former coworkers I didn’t entirely expect
to see.

The line up:

Little River Band: I admit it, I haven’t a faintest clue
who the Little River Band is. I think I may have recognized a few
of the songs. However, the performance was excellent and
quite enjoyable.

The Monkees: Had the look. The songs were a bit faster
and more aggressive than I remember ever hearing the
monkees ;-> And of course, it’s hard to hear
“Stepping Stone” without thinking of the Minor
Threat version.

Small Faces: Again, no idea who the Small Faces were. But
former coworker Dave Mason
was leading the band. Mike Walters from Jett Rink was also in the band. Nice
set, well played. Had no idea Dave could sing that well.

Blondie: Very cool. “Heart Of Glass”, “One Way Or Another”, but alas,
no “Rapture”. But very enjoyable.

Alice Cooper: hit the high points of 70’s Alice Cooper. “Eighteen”,
“Schools Out”, “Billion Dollar Babies”. Craig Tilley from The
Wather doing Alice (he also did Badfinger night one). Cheetie Kumar
from The Cherry Valence was in the band, forget who else.

Talking Heads: Strange doing Talking Heads. Dave Mueller doing an
excellent David Byrne (and at times, a pretty good Adrian Belew/Brian
Eno…). Mostly early stuff (“Psycho Killer”, etc.). Closed with
“Burning Down The House”

Johnny Thunder: Pretty much never heard Johnny Thunder, so I’ll
just assume they had it down. Certainly seemed to have the right
stage persona for what they were doing. High energy, but not
really my kind of thing.