Did very little over the weekend despite needs to do lots (like say, porting up2date to the new
rpm api…)

Instead spent saturday hitting used cd/book stores. Picked up two Umberto Eco
books (“How to Travel with a Salmon” and “Travels in Hyperreality”), the
book version of “United Sates” by Laurie Anderson.

Handful of cd’s as well… progday95, shift – get in (crappy major label
release by a previously good indy band), killing joke – pandemonium,
two greg howard cd’s (shapes and sol), a space rock compilation,
a Eat Static cd, and a capsize7 cd (know a guy that used to be
capsize7, figued that was as good a reason as any to pick up a cd)

Read though “How to travel with a salmon’ and got started on
“hyperreality”. Headed out to the baamph!, but between
not seeing anyone I knew very well, and feeling a bit sick,
left while the first band was still playing.

I really wish the version of up2date in the beta had worked. A new version
of a lib it depends on sneaked in and busted it, now I get about 10 bug reports
a day that are completely useless to me. Ah well.

Are you a psycho?

Rode up to the casiotone/xiu xiu/kill me tomorow/japan air show with badger.
Casiotone was interesting for what it was (ie, a guy playing weird songs played
on an assortment of casio keyboards). Xiu Xiu was trying to do something different
and interesting, but couldn’t quite pull it off live in an interesting fashion. Too many
long pauses between songs for seemingly needless instrument switching. Kill
Me Tomorow was pretty interesting. bass/guitar/percussion trio. Percussion
was kind of a standup kit augmented with a few korg electribes. The
songs tended to be be fast tempo, distorted mushy guitar, vaguely tribal
drumbeats, and biting distorted bass lines played with lots of energy. All
in all, pretty good. Only odd thing was they only played maybe 25 minutes.

Japan Air played a slightly stripped down set (no keyboards or samplers).
So they tended to the simpler less proggy songs ( where simple and
less proggy means only 30 or 40 changes per songs… ;->)

Much conversing about weird music was done.

need sleep…

doesn’t look like there are any interesting shows this weekend.

the “down from the mountain” tour apparently plays the ESA this
weekend. Emmylou Harris, and Alison Kraus, plus others… That
could be interesting. Seeing bluegrass at the ESA might be a bit
weird though.

bleah. Think I got a couple hours of sleep between about 10:30am and
1pm. Don’t know why, just couldn’t sleep at all.
From looking though the friends list, that seems to be the trend today.

Rode over to the MileMarker/Fin Fang Foom show last night with johnray. Pretty
good show, thous Fin Fang Foom didn’t really live up to my expectations. Not
nearly as mathy/weird/heavy lots of reviews seems to indicate it is. Could of
definitely used more aggressive drumming as well (apparently though, I’m
the only person on the planet that likes it when drummers hit drums alot.
At least in harder edge bands. Nothing more annoying to me than seeing
a good band thats kind of heavy and energetic, and the drummer thinks
he’s trying out for REM or something… but I digress)

MileMarker was actually better than I expected. There cd didn’t really
impress me much, but live they had a pretty strong Trans Am/Fugazi
thing going, and put on a good show.

Time to go pick up a carryout order from sushi tsune.

Does anyone else type words with words that sound the
same when typing? ie there/their, hear/here, even things
like Could/Good. I seem to be particularly bad about it
when on irc or typing lj entries. I do know the difference
between the words, just seems like it doesn’t matter when
typing stream-of-consciousness